STEAMTUB hayley takes a warm bath at the end of every summer
CATBEING "i want to be married before i'm 30"
LANTERNPARLOR mom always told me never to walk around with strangers
DISHFINGERS "intelligently simple, so humorous and tender" (huxley, island)
GOODLUCK san nin by the street carner translate catspeak for the common folk
PINKFIST matthew, constipated
PURIKURAPUB "welcome to the curious mind function"
GEISHADRIFT a good year's harvest of happiness
MAMALOVE noboru the shrine keeper sits amongst the cherry blossoms
SMOKEBREAK after school they all loiter in the parking lot and never do their homework
COMBOAPARTMENTS yo nin go to the rooftops at night and watch the paint dry
ORANGEDRAIN "sometimes i feel desperately stupid, especially around smart people"
LANTERNBUDDY tomi in the sky contains your best wishes